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 Ketsueki kōri

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PostSubject: Ketsueki kōri   Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:17 am

Ketsueki kōri is one of the secret branches of the "Yuki clan". Meaning Blood ice its quite obvious that there ability is to be able to use blood instead of water to make there ice if they needed to. This branch is famous for the amount of rouges that come from it, being brought up they are taught to be rebelious witch mostly leads them to becoming rouge but those who stay loyal usually go on to become S ranked assasins. Ketsueki kōri is split into 2 branches. the Fu no chi kōri and the Yōsei no ketsueki kōri. Yōsei no ketsueki kōri is the branch of the clan that stays loyal to there village, Fu no chi kori are the rouges from the same clan.
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Ketsueki kōri
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