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 Hidden Honor

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PostSubject: Hidden Honor   Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:37 pm

The Clan of Hidden Honor is a very special clan devoted to the ensuring of peace and tranquility to all nations and all missing nin. We are Ninja who adhere to the guide lines of Honor, obedience, and respect of the Ninja way.
If you join this Clan, know that we strive to achieve peace throughout thae land by ascertaining Justu, Doijutsu, and jinchuriki Powers to strengthen our members to combat the evils that are sure to be prevelant throughout the ninja world as the time for our battles draw nearer.

As such the following rules, if you so choose to join our clan, are as follows:

The Clan will be divided as such based on a Recruit-to Captain scale, with a few exceptions for Ninja of Extraordinary Talent, Temporary Promotions in times of War, and of course the raining Head of the Clan.

As such The hierarchy is as follows:

Clan Head-MoiZzZ

Captain- Bijuu & Charkra Division-narutopg9

Captain- Intelligence & Weaponry Division-Tenzo

Captain- Bloodline traits & Doijustsu Divisions-Squireboy-2nd in command

Captain- Justu/ War Division-Sensei4

The clan head is able to help out any division he wants at any time.

Captains will be selected on a first come first serve basis. as illisrated above there will be 4 Captains Each will be tasked primarily with 1 of 4 jobs,

Collection and Mastery of Doijustsu

Collection and Mastery of Bijuu Chakra and High Leval Engergies

Collection of increasingly higher leveled Justsu

Creation and Mastery of Ninja Weaponry and Collection of enemy Intelligence

It is under the discretion of each Captain (with the approved authorization of the Clan head) on how they conduct their respective operations.

All members Falling below these Ranks Will be labeled as a Recruit with a number, signalling there rank within the Clan

In ascending order these ranks are:

Ichi (Lowest)




Nana (Highest)

This Clan is Very Big on Getting a great feeling of immersion and helps to make players have a better gaming experiences so lets all do our part by.....

Using phrases Such as:

"Yes Captain"

"for the Service of the Clan!"

"Your Captain has requested....."

Rules & Guidelines

1. All members are expected to give respect for the ranking system, as such, all orders and request (Within Reason!) are to be carried out by all subordinates if given by a superior.

2.I don't care about cursing Just not obsessively. I encourage All members to use formal speech and make this gaming experience as real as possible

3. Have Fun!

*Note* if any of these rules are broken or infringed upon Either a captain or The Clan Head will Convene on the matter and discuss possible Banning or expulsion from the Clan.

"In The Name of Those who Fought With the Will of Fire & Honor"

If i miss something let me know.
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Hidden Honor
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